Getting Javascript to validate


I am using a light window script on my site. It is based on Prototype framework. When I look at the validation, it says that lightwindow_navigation_shm has an error. I’m not a JS guru by any means. More of a plug and play type designer. The original coder for this light box has moved on. Can someone tell me where the bug is?
The script works perfectly, I’d just like to get it validating.
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Assuming that you are using the JavaScript validator at JSLint,The JavaScript Code Quality Tool and have the “Assume A Browser” checkbox checked and all the others unchecked - exactly what error messages is it giving as that should tell you exactly where in the script to find the code that potentially has problems.

Assuming that it’s one of the videos that the problem is happening on, the error message I get for that is:

Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL
from frame with URL
Domains, protocols and ports must match.

Thanks Paul. Yes, those two little videos at the bottom right display a youtube video within the lightbox. This is how it works so I don’t know why the error would say that.

What it’s saying is that Youtube is being naughty and is trying to access your own page. The web browser is saying that it caught the naughty attempt and stopped it from happening.

Good web browser pat pat. You get a virtual chocolate fish for such good behaviour.


So nothing wrong with the code itself then.
That’s a relief