Getting Into Wikipedia

The company I work for is legitimately “notable” and has tried getting in Wikipedia before to provide another positive result in Google for the company’s name. So this is sort of a SEO reputation management item.

The editors on the site kept taking the article we put up down, even after we made it very factual and notable (without spin); so we ended up quitting.

I know the point of the Wikipedia is to be objective and that’s what we want, but we’re not sure how to get in and we don’t want our name locked-down.

So we’re looking for a delicate inroad. Are there people/services which provide neutral article writing for inclusion?

Getting any company listed is difficult. Being a community-driven site, you article will be reviews and sometimes edited by the community, and if it appears at all spammy or self-promotional, it will run the risk of being marked for deletion. Expect to go through multiple re-writes, edits, and several reviews of the article to get it to pass and be accepted. And even then, odds of getting a company article approved are low.

In the end, I’m not even sure it’s worth the hassle. If you get your article on there, you’ll have to monitor it and edit it frequently. Remember, anyone can edit articles. Someone could add negative comments or information to your article. You’ll have to regularly review and clean up the article if you find any unfavorable material added to it.

If the editors take the article down, then the company does not meet the ‘notabe’ criteria. If you keep trying, then that makes you a spammer. Give up now and stop wasting their time.

If your company isn’t a household name or hasn’t made a wildly popular product, chances are that in terms defined by wikipedia, it’s not notable enough to be on wikipedia.

Basically, according to wikipedia’s rules, the volume of independent sources mentioning the company/product(s) are what makes it notable.