Getting Into Goverment Web Development

I run a small development shop that is just turning 6 years old and employs 3 full time.

We’ve been approached twice in the past 2 weeks by representative of local government to be involved with web development projects. I’ve been reluctant to act on these jobs because I’ve heard discussions about the compliance and accessibility requirements for government websites.

My question is how do you become educated about this industry? I’ve been googling for a while and can only come up with other development / design shops whom do government work.

I’m curious to see if anyone might now of resources that educate and may “level the playing field” for those wanting to get into this sector?

I’m in the USA.


Check your state’s accessability requirements. If you can meet those, you should be able to meet the local governments requirements - the state’s regulations are usually as strict as they come.

The other thing you could do is ask your local contact if there are any special accessability guidelines you are required to follow. They should be able to provide you with the act numbers for you to research.

The great thing about government work is that it’s extremely lucrative once you learn how to get it. There are tons of requirements, yes, but that translates into tons of work so it never bothers me. I would absolutely pursue the work if you are up for it.