Getting hired at an agency?

I started learning html, css, javascript and jquery in July (so about 4 months of learning so far).

My goal is to get a job as a front end developer with a web design agency. At this point I could care less about salary or being the lowest man on the totem pole. I just want to work with and learn from experienced developers on a daily basis.

I plan to start applying to jobs in May so I have some time to gain more experience. By then I hope to have built at least 4 sites. During the next several months I will continue to learn html, css, javascript and jquery and hopefully will learn a server side language.

Is 4 sites enough?
Is html, css, javascript and jquery enough to get hired?
What server side language will help me most in getting hired? PHP, Ruby, Python?

Those who have or are currently working for an agency please share your story.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Even one would be enough depending on the complexity and the particularities of that site.

That doesn’t mean that the site has to be extremely complex… You first must prove that you’re able to understand what the problem is and how to solve and then you’re skills.

So yes, four sites should be enough.

Also, when you go to the interview… do be humble and realistic about your expectations but never say that you don’t care about the salary and that you’re the last man on the job!

When you go to an interview you’re selling yourself, somehow and there is a negotiation. Your ability to get the best conditions will help you in your career and also you need to appreciate what you know (and what you don’t) :wink:

Thanks @molona.

Any opinion on what to learn after html, css, javascript and jquery?

Php is the obvious. Ruby is also a good option as well as python but all this will really take you to the dark side (or rather, backend side) of web development :lol: