Getting Google Plus Business Page right

I have a Google Plus Business page at:

The header (cover?) image is wrong. Apparently, as a local business, I can’t change this. I’d be happy changing it from a local business to a brand in order to change the header image, but I don’t want to lose the +Clickbasics as the URL.

What’s my best approach?

I presume you mean the rectangular image on the right-hand side, not your portrait?

I have a Google+ page for a local business, and simply hovering over the cover image brings up a “Change cover” link. You can either choose from the default set or upload your own.

Changing the Cover Image won`t affects your URL: It will remain same. You just need to click on change cover image.
Also I have found that there is some missing information in your business page like Tagline, Introduction, Other Social Media Links and Reviews

I don’t see any link to change cover image – a button, menu item, or hover. Please see attached screen shot. Please point out anything I’m not seeing.

In the top left-hand corner of that screen is a drop-down menu which says “My Business”. Use that menu to select “Google+” or whatever the next option down on the list is called. You can change the photo from there, as I described before.

That worked! Many thanks.

Problem solved

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