Getting feeds from foregin website in to my website question


As i don’t know any possibility to get news from a foregin website to me website and i didn’t found any advice / info on google, i come to ask here.

There is any posibility to get news from a website to show on my website?

I want to get the news from the fallowing website ClubPenguin and put the news from that website on mine.

I need something like a linking.

There is any script that make that possible?

I am not sure if you are referring to embedding with iframe or web scraping?

It doesn’t look like it serves up content with javascript so should be relatively straightforward.

Do you have their permission to copy website? Wouldn’t like to see you end up in trouble for doing that.

If you are using PHP then Curl can be used to remotely fetch web pages. With Python I would use urllib2 or mechanize. There will also be other options I don’t know about. You would then need to extract the relevant content from the html using some kind of html parser.

ok. Thank you for the hints. I apreciate it. Now i found a way.