Getting fans is main marketing focus of Facebook?

Is getting friends/fans the main way to market your business on Facebook?
How does someone get more friends?
Friends/fans can post info on your wall?

I’ve found Facebook really tough for me internet marketing wise. I frequently update my IM facebook page and post relevant, helpful and useful content I feel adds value to the IM community.
I’ve tried to get traffic to the page by inserting the Facebook “Like” button on my webpages or links to my Facebook page on my websites through a FB icon.
Right now it’s not working too great and not sure how best to fix that situation. :frowning:

Friends and fans are two very different user bases. Using social for business is about connecting with customers and prospects, those who like your area, and those who are learning it. Friends may come along for the ride but that’s not the goal, nor the profit center.

having more fans following your page would be an advantage for you… and people follow pages if they see good, nice and unique pages that they can contemplate on… it is also better if they can post on your wall so that you can see their comments on your page…

Is getting friends/fans the main way to market your business on Facebook?

It is actually the process involved in building big fan base or network to your community. I would suggest you to ‘Google’ on the topic ‘facebook marketing strategies’ to find out multiple ways to market your business using facebook.

Friends/fans can post info on your wall?

To post on your facebook Wall you need to edit the settings by allowing everyone to post on your wall.

Getting followers is important to your page but not the only focus. What you want is a page that people follow with content that engages them. This is no different than any other site; for some brands with tens of thousands of followers the content and targetting of what they post is so great that they outweigh brands with millions of fans in responses and engagement.

You can get fans by building a page that has good content, providing sharing tools, promoting it through your website / blog, running useful contests, posting the best deals, etc.

user driven content is always the best way of for any site. This increases the site popularity as you are allowing your visitor to say something about your product and about your services. And they are there for adding fresh unique content that increases your relevancy inturn.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. But I haven’t found a way to market anything successfully. I think I may need a different group of fans; my friends would be p’offed that I am trying to sell them something to them. I hate it when they do.