Getting Facebook Like data on pages

Hi guys,

I have a news aggregation website that currently tracks Like data for each headline and stores the data internally.

I would like to change the system to Facebook Like buttons. Can do this, and it shows the number of likes for each link collected from around the web.

But I would also like to have a “Popular” links page, and so is there a way of connecting to Facebook and getting the number of Likes for each link?

I was thinking something along these likes:

for each url {
connect to Facebook
get number of likes for the url
write number to database

Any ideas?


Hey dude, I wouldn’t of thought that was possible in the sense that Facebook wouldn’t allow you to take their data. I could be wrong but I would be surprised if this was possible. Best of luck anyhow!

You would need to do some research and experimentation but it does look like its possible or at least for pages (notice the likes property).