Getting data from a form to use in JavaScript (no php)

I want to collect some user input, edit it and output it to the DOM. I have skeleton code that works, but after executing, the page reloads and the data added to the DOM has gone. There’s a codepen here:

Later I shall be generating html around the data the user submits.

Where am I going wrong here?


PS I am aware of security issues - this is for me to use on my own PC only, to generate index pages for a portfolio.

Hi @roygrubb, the button element defaults to type="submit"; so you might just add a type="button" attribute to stay on the page. Alternatively, you can prevent the form from getting submitted by calling event.preventDefault():

var form = document.getElementById('frm1')

form.addEventListener('submit', function (event) {

(Remove the onclick attribute from the button then – mixing JS and HTML is not a good idea anyway…)

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Thank you for the answer, and for two valuable additional lessons.

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