Getting backlinks here

How to get backlink from this link? Someone has got backlink from this page but their site or anchor text doesn’t show here. What’s the reason? How can I get backlink from this page I dont understand. There’s no comments option.

In order to get a link from this page you need to follow some steps. following link should clear all your confusions…

That’s a useful link, thanks chandandas. I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:

Well, Tumblr has just turned into a nofollow website.

So, if you want to get linked to this page just for backlink, forget it.

Other wise, just reblog it and you will get a backlink.

Thanks for the information, actually I was continuously use Tumplr and thinking why backling is not generate. Now I understand, thanks to you.

They all are getting back-links from likes. You just need to register on tumblr and create your own tumblr blog and then shifted your tumblr domain to custom rom setting menu.

what do you mean by reblog?