Getting back into dev

About 6 years ago I was doing a bit of HTML, CSS and basic JS. Since then I’ve been a Digital Producer and Product Manager. However now at the ripe age of 40 I don’t think Product Management suits me and am thinking of heading back to Front End Dev. I know it will be a learning curve but am I making a dumb decision here? I know it’s common to go from dev to a product role but have others gone the other way?

I think that doesn’t really matter so long as you’re doing what you like… The worst for me is to be bored at work and I love development because it is very entertaining and makes time go fast. Having said that it is also a very challenging position and I cannot imagine me doing it without loving it.
I think though the 40s is a really good time to learn something new because your mind would be more settled and focused than being 20 and therefore you may be able to learn it faster.


I am curious to know why you changed and what did you expect from the Digital Producer and Product Manager positions?.

I guess I felt it was the natural progression. But the whole time I’ve felt I’ve missed the problem solving, the feeling of doing the work and seeing the end results, the challenges etc. Product has been ok but I’m a bit over the politics, negotiation, stakeholder management etc.


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