Getting audio players to play their respective streams out of their element




initial overlayclickhandler?


This is what I see at the very bottom.

I don't see this: >>


I’m not sure what β€œthis” is in this instance. There are lots of things on that image, but quite what part of it you mean is unclear. Can you give is something a little more descriptive to go on?


That's because you're looking in the wrong tab.


As I understand it, they are called, Right Shift Operators. >>

I don't see them when I look all the way down in web console. As I was specifically told I would find them there. But they are nowhere to be found.

At the very bottom of the screen should be a console entry line, with >> shown at the left.


You are still looking in the Debugger tab, which (as I told you earlier) is the wrong place.

Read Paul's instructions slowly, think carefully and then try again.


I still don't understand.

It's hard to follow instructions that involve debugger in firefox when it's never been something I frequently used up until now.


I've never used the debugger in Firefox before today, and I had no trouble following the instructions. There is nothing difficult. You just need to think about what you are doing.

Paul told you that it is difficult to find the information you want in the debugger, so you need to use the console instead.

I've told you (twice) that you're looking at the wrong tab. Put those two pieces of information together.

ReferenceError: evt is not defined


What do I do next?

According to the image, the target element is not defined.


I think you've missed a step. as the results I get differ from yours.

Reread the instructions from post 1356 onwards, and ensure you follow them all carefully.


The second icon to the right of Storage toggles the console line (as does pressing Esc), but you don't need that.

When you click in the call-stack on the overlay handler, all you need to do is to hover on evt and scroll down the shown list to find target, where you'll find listed the element that was clicked on.


The main idea here being to learn why you're getting undefined, so that a plan can be put in place to remedy the situation.


target : p


Yes that right. is what we are looking for, so in evt, scroll down to target, and it'll show you the HTML name of the element that's the current target. What is that target?


: p


No, that's not correct. It's not a <p> element that triggers the initial handler. Are you sure that you've followed the correct instructions to set a breakpoint and use the Stack trace?


I was following through your instructions yesterday, and I also got <p> as the answer ...



Oh no, which code are we working from?