Getting audio players to play their respective streams out of their element


Add this to all of them?



That's what I've been spending the past half hour trying to get you to do.




You forgot to do it on the D code too as well.


Now this issue.


I click on the D button, then on the yellow C button, and the D button stops playing as it's supposed to.

Please investigate further and provide more useful information about how to make the problem occur.



I click on the D button then on the B button, and the D button stops playing as it should do.
It seems to work for me.


2 buttons are opened,

Should not be possible.


Once again, I click on the D button and then on the A button, and the D button pauses as it's supposed to.

Pleased supply instructions on how to experience the problem that you are experiencing.


Click on A

Then Click on D

They don't flip back.


Good one, so it's the D code that needs to be updated.


The isPlaying() function is where you'll find the issue. Compare it with the other isPlaying() functions.


There's nothing to compare if they all look the same.

  function isPlaying(button) {
    var play = getPlay(button);
    return play.classList.contains("hidea") || play.classList.contains("hideb") ||
      play.classList.contains("hidec") || play.classList.contains("hided") ||
      play.classList.contains("hidee") || play.classList.contains("hidef");


I know that you are wrong with that statement. Look again.




When I do this one, I need to rename active:


You need to make it consistent with proper behaviour, using "activated" for something that's always different after you first click on it, and "active" for something that changes when you play/pause the player.


With the inactive part for the links, I recommend that you adjust those too so that they only show when "activated" is on the links element.


Now what: