Getting an office in the UK


I have worked from home for years but have a baby on the way so I need to get an office. I’m trying to budget for it and am trying to work out what’s involved. Specifically, business rates and liability insurance.

I am a limited company but I am the only person who works for it (as a director). So, I’m after an office for just me so it will only have one person working in it and the office space won’t be big. From what I can see I’ll end up getting an office in my own company’s name or sublet from someone else. In each case:

  1. Will I qualify for relief from business rates? I understand small business sometimes do.
  2. I won’t be allowing an visitors to the office. Am I obliged to get liability insurance (e.g. if someone breaks their leg in my office and tries to sue)?
  3. If yes to question two, have you any idea of the cost per year and can you recommend any companies?

Because laws and prices differ from country to country I’d appreciate answers that relate to the UK only.


Seeing as you’re not intending to have visitors, have you considered using a shared workspace (if there are any local to you) as opposed to renting your own office?

If you sublet off someone are the rates and liability usually paid already?

He’s talking about something like this (I didn’t know where you live, but a search for sharedworkspace uk brought this up). I’m not sure you’d need separate liability (other than your typical business insurance)

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Ah, I see, thank you.

To be honest, I work really odd hours and like to just get my head down when I’m working so I do want my own space. Once I’ve found somewhere I’ll call the council about rates but am still unsure about insurance.

I’m not bothered about insurance against theft of equipment as my home insurance company will cover my Macbooks even outside the house. I was more wondering whether you have to have liability insurance — especially if you aren’t accepting visitors. When I have client meetings I always go to their home or office — or meet in a public place (coffee shop, etc).

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