Getting active gridid in javascript

i have 5 gridview controls in a page
user will select one at at time
how do i get the id of the active grid view

i hve used as
function ActiveGrid(GridName)
var GdView = document.getElementById(GridName).id;

i have called it as onclientClick=“ActiveGrid(this)”;

Hi there,

This is an ASP thing, right?

Probably by using an onclick handler as you are doing.

However, as I know very little about ASP I am having a hard time imagining what you are trying to do.

Would it be possible that you provide a little HTML to help me visualize this?

Basically something along the lines of the template @ralph_m ; showed you yesterday:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">

[COLOR="#FF0000"][I]your CSS here[/I][/COLOR]


[COLOR="#FF0000"][I]your HTML here[/I][/COLOR]



[COLOR="#FF0000"][I]your JS here[/I][/COLOR]