Getting access to my Google Analytics

This is a cry for help. Do you know anything about Google Analytics? I can’t access my UAs for over a week. I opened Google Analytics one morning and was asked to accept a new ‘license agreement’ for the upgrade. I did that and since then they’ve treated me like I don’t have a history with them. The UAs must still be working. I just can’t get access?

Contact Google. It is that simple

I sent them the same question a week ago. No answer

Then insist because I suspect that there’s little that you can do about it. I assume that you can get to your account fine but not to the reporting screens… I’m sure that you’re not the first and that Google is aware of the bug. Still, what a nightmare!

is it resolved now??

This may be of some help: I was using Analytics with a work email and everything was great. Then my organization switched to Google Apps (so we could use the email feature), and that created two Google accounts using my work email address–a “personal” one and an “organizational” account. (Google explains the conflict in this video: I fixed the issue by clicking the “Sign Up” for Google Analytics button when my login failed. It popped up with a warning saying that I had two accounts using the same email address, and I needed to resolve the issue. I followed the directions and things went pretty smoothly.