Getting a business administration degree is it worth it?

What kind of base salaries would you expect? Also should I absolutely pursue an MBA? Im looking to pursue marketing and advertising…

An mba can help if you already got enough work experience and if you aim to a management position.

I’m seriously thinking about it, most of them are quite expensive though.

In the end I think I’m going for a master in marketing or similar…

Well there are a lot of people out there with those degrees, I don’t think it gives you the leg up it once did, but it’s still probably not a bad idea to get one. But I don’t have a degree in anything - I decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone, and It’s worked out so far - But not everyone wants to go down that path.

Good luck

It all depends…how you use it .

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You know what M.B.A stands for?

a masters in business administration is the most powerful degree available, how can anyone even say it is not worth it.

MBA from Iran U is worth lots…I heard.

MBA from Hugh Hefner’s university is more more- My Big A **


Completely agree. Many may tell you how the value has been decreasing, its not as valuable as it used to be, etc. Take a look at the huge majority of those in a senior management position… MBA, MBA, MBA. Its a degree that will take you wherever you want to go. If you have the money and time, it should be a no-brainer.

Do you want to get hired by a corporation or do you want to go in business for yourself?

To be a little harsh…I could never understand people’s logic in thinking that- ‘if you want to work for someone definitely get the degree, if you’re working for yourself, don’t worry about it’.

Company’s look for candidates with certain degrees because it predicates a certain skillset. Those skills make that company money. Do those skills that are making another company money some how become non-existent when you work for yourself?

Point being, who you plan to work for should be irrelevant.

Even if you work for yourself or even a corporate, an MBA can be quite valuable. If you work for yourself and you pitch yourself to a client, are they going to pick you or something else who does in a relevant field? - I know it may not sound fair but that is the reality of this world.

I think the contacts you make while completing it is also an advantage. I have a Master of Information Systems and intend to do a MBA over the next few years. However, they are not cheap. MBA from London Business School is around 45K GBP.

It depends on your Dreams and Goals.

I disagree. A MBA is one of the most useful degrees you can get, even if you are a sole partner business.

I think you’re agreeing with votrechien1 and disagreeing to who votrechien1 was responding to.

An MBA is one of the most beneficial graduate degrees you can get. Furthermore, a lot of companies will even pay for you to get one. :slight_smile:

MBA will make you professional in business administration field as well as marketing field.

If you have done BBA then it would be easier for you to complete MBA. These days degrees in IT is most recommended

Yes, I think I was :smiley:

Honestly? NO. MY MBA didn’t give me that skills and knowledge that I got from working online, making my own mistakes, attending SEO/SEM seminars and meeting soul mates. I wouldn’t waste my time with MBA now.

I went back to community college to get my hand dirty—winemaking and being a plumber…

All jobs in USA are BS jobs…paper shuffing and service jobs-layers of BS bureaucratic silly lawsuits and totally meaningless function.

Now I have my own the largest wine ecommerce sites in the world!!!

Yes, every single job in the USA (and that’s millions and millions of jobs) is BS and totally meaningless. :slight_smile: