Geting a job in

I am currently a asp classic developer for a design company for about 2 years now. I also deal with servers, front end development and other general jobs.

I have been studying and while no commercial experience in that area I want to later go in this area. My friend suggested a junior role.

I am still learning in my own time and want to know what the best approach gettin a job in this area? At the moment I am studying books, videos and soon my friend who works as a developer will be helpin me out.

I am also got SQL server and web express installed and workin on examples from books.

Hello tdsmithj,

You should look to see if their are any organizations like a local youth center or club that you can volunteer for. The purpose of you volunteering would be to build them a website or web based application in ASP. This would give you something functional (real world) to show in your portfolio and also give you a work reference to use down the road. You should also look to see if their is any groups of asp programmers who get together at a local pub to network. I know here is the US their are many groups of programmers who get together to talk about what they are working on and to network with one another. Such gatherings like these are good for you to get into as they will help you meet others in the field you want to get into and also may help you further your knowledge as they will provide a place for you to ask questions about asp programming.

hope this helps

Add your experience in your resume that what you know about dotnet e.g webservices etc and try to do some freelance work in dotnet and then add this as reference to your work in your CV. Hope this helps.

I’m currently a ASP.NET developer, straight out of university.

My experience of ASP.NET comes solely from picking it up a year ago at an internship and using it and C# (with a bit of VB.NET for kicks) to build my final-year project (a search engine).

It’s a world apart from classic ASP, but if you’re capable of programming in an object-oriented language like Java and can get some practice with ASP.NET I’d be inclined to say that with a bit of practice you can land a decent job without much professional experience.

Build your own site using ASP.NET, and perhaps get yourself a bit of CMS experience with something like Umbraco. Once you’re comfortable with it use that as your reference, state your past experience and I think you’ll be just fine.