Get web traffic specifically from Australia

Hello Guys, just went through my website’s Google Analytic and found out that over 70% of the traffic are coming from US. But I don’t want that. I want some valid traffic from Australia.
Any tricks to bring Australian traffic back to my site? I actually don’t know much about SEO. Heard that SEO could do the trick but what actually I need to do regards SEO or any other thing?

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Have you had a look at Google’s guidance?

You need to focus on local listing from AU. You can post different adds about your services on AU site. get local reviews on your website. try to generate back links from AU extension website.

You can do local business listing, classifieds and blog commenting on Australia based sites.

Definitely the local business listing will beneficial in your case. Add business listing on the sites which has a good Alexa ranking mainly.

I have already done with it.

Done with the Business listings. But does blog commenting still exist in this digital marketing world?

Thanks for your advise. Could you please suggest some AU sites where I can do some backlinks?

Please don’t list any such sites.

For one thing, that kind of link-dropping is nothing but Spamming, which we do not tolerate here and will not condone elsewhere.

For another, creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is against the TOS of all the major search engines, and is more likely to get your site penalised than help with promoting it.

Yes, that’s kind of true! But I have gone out of options. I’ll try my best to naturally work on it.

Have you followed the advice on International Targeting I linked to in post 2?

Yes, my website is already targeted to AU.

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Here are some key points that will surely help you:

Google Webmaster Tool Geo-Targeting:
This is a free tool by Google that will be very helpful in seeking country-specific traffic. This tool allows you to set which country your website is targeted to, and helps you get traffic from that targeted country.

Web Hosting Server Location
This is another significant factor in driving Geo-targeted traffic for your server location. If you’re targeting traffic from Australia, host your website on Australian servers.

If your target audience is in the Australia, try to get more backlinks from Australian based websites. You can do guest blogging or by spending some time learning the art of blog commenting. Both methods are Penguin-safe and proven if done properly.

Local SEO
Local SEO claims your business in Google Places, and adds all related information such as address, phone number, etc. This futrther helps Google to determine the location of your business.

Use Google Trends
Try to find keywords which are popular with the audience in your target country, and make a content strategy based on that.

By following these steps, you can track the Keyword Progress In Country-Specific Searches. Once you identify a strategy, you will be able to focus and work on it to push it to the next level.

Hope this will help you out :blush:

Thanks. Great suggestions. It counts.


do the keyword research for Australia (what people usually search in Australia related to your business) and try to cover those specific topics on your website… you can google to learn how to do keyword research and you will be good to go

use search google console and google my business

Didn’t pick out the .au domain is it ?
One option is Google Webmaster Tool Geotargeting. Another way would be through content. Target your keywords related to Australia. Post more blogs, try affiliate marketing technique, etc. These would help too.

a year ago I started to bring traffic from SEO, it’s doesn’t easy for me. I try to get traffic from Mexico… the in the ability to choose it way unsatisfied… it takes me to get another way… try to find an opportunity to promote your site and share it in here,

Friendly reminder

Sitepoint actively discourages spamming/promoting your website in the forums for the sake of promotion. This is a nofollow forum and spam links and posts will be removed. Take your self advertising elsewhere.

If you find a good, new, method for advertising your site, feel free to share it with the class. But don’t come back and just post links to link farms or whatever.

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