Get userAgent

I don’t understand why getting userAgent seems so complicated in .NET…

in JSP you can get userAgent with just one line of code:

String userAgent = request.getHeader("user-agent");

in .Net it seems things are a bit more complicated (what a surprise…:wink:

searched for .NET userAgent, this was one of the first results (need in C#)

from above url:

myHttpWebRequest.UserAgent = ".NET Framework Test Client"; // EXCUSE ME???? 

sorry don’t get this… is there a simpler way to get userAgent with .NET 3.5/C#???

thank you…

If you’re using MVC it’s just Request.UserAgent inside your controller action. Not sure about WebForms but it’s probably the same/similar.

I’m not using MVC…

thank you…

It is the same for webforms.

Example you saw is for setting the user agent when making a http request.