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I have created a website:, that is designed to lure people to sign up to my newsletter. However, I am not sure it is doing such a great job of it as my conversion rate is definitely well below 30%. Please could I have some suggestions.
Isaac ADni

Hi @IsaacAdni, and welcome to the forums.

Where does the majority of your site traffic come from? Is it mainly people who already know about you and your music from somewhere? If not, I’d suggest you add an “about me” section. I wouldn’t sign up to a newsletter from somebody I know nothing about.

You should also make it clear that the sign-up is to your newsletter, and explain what benefits the newsletter provides.

At the moment, it looks rather like a scam; sign up here to get all my music free - or you can pay for it.


So do you suggest that I only offer one song for free and add an about me section (which will be very hard to write :frowning: )

Offering the free songs is not a problem in itself. But imagine you know nothing about Isaac Adni, and you happen across this site.Here’s an offer of free music, just for providing your e-mail address - or you can pay full price for the same music. Wouldn’t that seem a bit odd, and maybe look like a scam for harvesting e-mails?

Whereas if you make it clear that this is a “reward” for signing up to your newsletter, that makes more sense. (To me, at any rate.) At the moment, there is no mention of a newsletter. (And sending one out when folk aren’t aware they’ve signed up to one could be seen as Spamming.)

You might want to rethink the title:

Get All Isaac Adni Music And Videos For Free Forever!

To me, that implies that I’ll have free access to all your music - including anything you may produce in future - which is not what I think you intend.

[quote=“IsaacAdni, post:3, topic:196144”]
add an about me section (which will be very hard to write )
[/quote]Agreed - I find writing about myself for strangers to read very hard. You could try asking family and friends to write down a few sentences about how they see you, to give you a few ideas to get started - then just rework those in your own words.

It doesn’t need to be a lengthy biography - just a bit about who you are, where you’re based and something about your music and your inspiration, perhaps.

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One last thing: should I write my site and about me in the 3rd person or 1st person?

I’d go with first person - it’s more ‘personal’


I’ve tried to implement your suggestions. Please take a look again at

That seems much clearer and much more convincing to me. Best of luck with your project.

Always in First person. You are wanting or looking to build a lasting relationship. Obviously pending on the type of website, but I think most are exactly that. Made to develop relationships.

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