Get more from Press Coverage

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We have a press coverage for India Travel Academy in and

My question is how to get more out of this press releases as this coverage may or may not include our website link. How can we get more branding / traffic from this references?

Thanks for any help/suggestion.

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Sudipta Banerjee

You can hire any reputed internet marketing firm for marketing of your travel portal or if you have give budget go for Google Pay per click service and you will definately manage to attrach huge audience for your travel platform.


My question was for Press release. I am not talking of SEO, SEM, PPC, Local Search etc…I can put ads in news sites also as most of them has Google Adsense or some other publisher program.

But since genuine news articles generally do not put any links and we are not that big of a brand to be known by name only. Is it good idea to put comments on news articles.The articles link is removed from original post but putting it here again, so that my question can be clear.

After reading this article can you put our actual website which is launched to help travel agents selling India.

Best regardsSudipta Banerjee

I removed the link because it’s not necessary for the purposes of this thread.

If a link is relevant to a press release, the agency responsible for releasing it will typically leave it in. But for a generic release like you released (it was an intro for those wondering), links aren’t going to be included. As a company, you should be able to have sufficient SEO resources before you’ve done the press release.