Get info about people who "like" my post on Facebook


I am using “WP Facebook Like” plugin on my Wordpress blog.
As a result I see list of icons (friends of mine) that liked my post and sentence saying “12 other people liked this post”. Is there a way to see who are those other people? I would like to connect with those people to thank them for liking my post. How can I do that?

Thank you so much.

I’ve found facebook to be very un-user friendly when it comes to things like that. I really don’t know that there is a way you could track down those people. One thing that might work is if you like the post yourself, then go into your facebook account. I think you might be able to click on who liked it in the thread on your wall and you’ll then be able to see the other names. Does that make sense?

You can manually view the LIKES through the API I believe but there is some degree of anonymity (versus with a page where it’s all public).

Yes, you can who like you post on facebook, but not who like your post on you website :frowning:

@teds how do I do that?