Get high load, when WHM backup progress, even in 2am

My dedicated server only used for one website, the disk usage in /home directory is 25Gb, where 5Gb is mysql database

In WHM > Configure Backup > I set ‘Backup Status’ to Enabled, with time Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

i already install plugins 'Configure cPanel Cron Times’a too, and set it in the most off peak time, 2am

but its still make the load become high, can be more than 10, sometime i cant open the website when the server load become high, when WHM backup progressing in the backend, but few minutes again the load is reduced and the website can opened again

please help how to reduce the load from backup progress, or slower the progress

In ‘Backup SQL Databases’, is it set ‘Per Account Only’ will be help, instead choosing ‘Per Account and Entire MySQL Directory’?

Hello there,

I would suggest you use the “Incremental Backup” feature, as it does not compress the account into a .tar.gz file. You may also need to check your Apache error log, and see if you are hitting limits during this time.


ah so there is methode like this, many thanks, will considering it

please keep sharing if there is another information or methode

here are my whm backup settings screenshot

Its better to use incremental backups, so only changes will updated in the backup. Also set cpuwatch in the server to a particular load.