Get data from HTML cell and process with button

Hi there (again)
I have searched a lot to find this, but the HTML in question was so complex, it was more than hard to find what I am looking for in those, and besides that there were different approaches,
I have a table filled with data from MySQL (simple messageboard)
I want to get one value out of the current HTML-cell: ID
I have a button in the table.row called “Edit” ( That I deactivate whilst reading the data and the username is different from the current user).
So, when I push edit, I want to catch the ID (cell number one, top left in the row), read the record with that id and open a form with that content for edition. (Could also be to use the content of the message-cell) but I need the ID anyway to save the edited message).
i saw how it is possible to extract the content of tables, but there were always loops, and I need one actual cell.
I can NO Javascrip, prefer PHP.
I hope it is understandable: catch ID and deliver to further process with a button.
Grateful for any help.

In the form for the button on each row, put a hidden field containing the unique id for that row when you draw the HTML page. Then it will be submitted when you press the button.

I have no form in the table.I know how transfer form data though.
I have more buttons doing different things, but they are not row specific.
Could it be: Make a form only for the hidden field and the edit button?
Ok, silly question, I try it.
Thank you.

I presumed that, as you have an edit button, it would be on a form. There’s no reason you can’t put a small form on each row, just the hidden id value and the button.

I’m sure it can be done more neatly with JavaScript, but that assumes that your users have it enabled.

Yes I try to avoid JavaScript. I know many user turn it off. And I am not good at it.