GeoTrust SSL vs. Comodo's InstantSLL?

I’m looking into buying an SSL certificate for ecommerce, and was wondering which brand was better, GeoTrust or Comodo’s InstantSLL. They both are similarly priced, wondering if anyone had any experiences to share?

I have used both and to tell you the truth, I never saw much of a difference. I’ve also used more expensice certs like Verisign and Thawte. Now I just go with the one that’s the cheapest…

Technically Geotrust should be better. With the price being about the same I chose Geotrust.

Geotrust. I have read some bad things about Comodo (they do not own their certificate authority (CA). Not too sure if they are true, but since Geotrust is only $50 from EV1 (or even the ChainedSSL).

You can’t trust everything you read. I learnt that at school. But then, I went to school before the world wide web existed.

Who are

Whois reveals the domain is owned by Chris Bailey.

From a page cached by google:"Chris+Bailey"+ssl&hl=xx-bork&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8

Management Team Bios
Chris Bailey - Vice President of Product Management and Co-Founder GeoTrust

Chris Bailey, Co-founder and Vice-President of Product Management, is responsible for GeoTrust’s product strategy and development.

Chris came from Equifax where he was AVP of Digital Certificate Services. He formulated strategic direction and helped manage Equifax Secure’s digital certificate services. Prior experiences include managing an e-commerce solutions division of Renaissance Worldwide and working as an independent management consultant for companies such as IBM and Equifax. Mr. Bailey, a committed entrepreneur, has founded two companies. Chris has been the member of the team most ruthlessly focused on revenue early and often. He strives to create real business solutions that customers will buy today and benefit from tomorrow.

Chris has an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Emory University and a BS in Finance and Economics from the University of South Carolina.

Next I ask myself “which websites backward link to”. Google shows me that one site in particular links to on every single page -

What do sell? GeoTrust certificates.

Well maybe geotrust does not like them but I would think they might want to go up against the other two since they are just as big.

And I would still stick with Geotrust. That is what the asker, an opinion. And maybe FreeSSL is just happy they are feautred along side Verisign, Geotrust, and Thawte

freakysid, I did a little more research, I also found which is owned by Komodo. So it is really difficult. But there was this release: - so it seems that some of the information on sslreview site is correct.

I’ve got one of those multi-hundred-dollar Thawte certs on one site (where I didn’t pay for the cert) and a GeoTrust $50 cert on another site… they work the same, look the same, protect the same… the only difference is one came with a $300 badge to place on the site :wink:

And which one is the $300 badge? I would assume you are speaking of Geotrust? I know we did not pay much for it & we have implemented extra security measures as well.

No, Thawte was $300 more than GeoTrust but came with a badge that I didn’t get with GeoTrust. Since the certs themselves do exactly the same thing, I assume that $300 must be for the little square logo I can put on my site. Funny.

You could have probably received the same thing from Geotrust, I know we did & a few others:

Well, I bought it through EV1 for $49 which doesn’t come with a badge.

I don’t want to get into a debate about chained certificates, versus certs issued under a root cert etc, because I don’t know a lot about it. As someone mentions in this thread - they all seem to do the same job at then end of the day. There is just a little bit of difference on compatability at the fringes (older browsers) between the different certs.

However, I do know that Comodo (InstantSSL) and GeoTrust are head-to-head competitors. Basically they are sworn enemies. When I visited the site I could wiff the FUD right away with the reference to [url=“”]Temporary-Pseudo CA.

Just something to keep in mind - both parties are out there peddling propaganda against the other.