Geo targeting with ccTLD

Hello guys, this is my first post so i want to say hello to all

I’m new to seo and maybe this is a silly question.

I have a generic TLD (.com) and recently i bought a country code TLD ( because i’m going to move permanently there.

What i shall do now to target clients in cyprus?
I have red that if your main site is a gTLD and your are using a 301 redirect of a ccTLD ( ) to you gTLD (.com) then the major search engines will eventually use the redirected ccTLD to determine your location.

Is this correct? what i must do?

I dont want to do a 302 redirect for every page in the .com domain and also i dont want to cancel my .com because i will loose my backlinks and rankings for various keywords.

Finally i want to keep the .com for worldwide coverage.

what i shall do?

ok lets forget the global coverage.

how i can use the to target cyprus. (i want to keep my .com) and also avoid duplicate content.

what if i redirect the to .com?

this is really difficult to judge without some background to the site. At some point you mention the importance of worldwide coverage, at another to target local clients - well, why not have two sites for exactly that purpose and link from one to the other?

Host the site on a Cypriot server, have a local address on the pages, submit it to the local business listings, get backlinks from Cypriot sites etc etc… make it clear to Google that it is a site in Cyprus.

You’ll struggle to target worldwide AND local with the same site simply because it’s a conflicting message unless you go easy on the Cyprus references and hope that Google’s preference for showing local results for local searches compensates for the lack of Cyprus references.