Generic domains

hi everyone,

i always had success with generic domains, and even though sometimes paid top dollar for it, always got more then enough out of it once the se’s recognized us.

but i wonder, i try to check google trends and insights for the domains sometimes
and i found that most people would look for i.e. sydney office and not offices
so i got the offices domain, and the office is just a redirecting site.

do you think google will show me for top of sydney office as well since sydney office doesn’t show up at all?

Google does differentiate between singular and plural forms of words so you should make sure that you’re using both forms in your website content. That being said, purchasing the singular version of the domain and 301 redirecting it to the plural version won’t help you in terms of SEO. However, it’s a smart thing to do as it will help avoid human error when typing in your domain so it’s probably worth renewing.

The singular version domain has nothing on it and Google knows this. When the spider visited that domain it was redirected to the plural version and hence that domain probably won’t be indexed. If it’s not indexed then it can’t show in the SERP which means that it’s useless in terms of SEO.


thanks for explaining,

i’m just wondering, the office (without the s) is not mine, tried to buy on sedo but no answer, guess it’s one of the fakes…
so if it becomes a real site it may rank in google.

PS i had redirecting domains show up in google before, with the fool meta description etc from the site that it was redirecting too

Interesting - I didn’t realize that Google would index a domain that was redirected. What type of redirect did you use? I was referring to a 301 redirect rather than a javascript or meta refresh.

(Although Google has indicated that they treat a meta refresh as a 301.)

godaddy redirection, just forwarded to a subdomain of my main site

it was kinda funny, because i’d type the property name, my main keywords and i’d be the number one search result, but the domain displaying was the redirection not the

and now i seperated it,
not for seo but customer sakes

Go Daddy uses a 301 for their redirection. Did you previously have a site on that domain? If you did it would make sense that a cached version was still left in the Google index.

nah, i made the site afterwards, just the redirection in the beginning for the subsite