Generating and controlling paid membership

I’m so glad to be able to ask questions here.
My idea is to make a website where user will be able to become a registered member of my club, for a small fee - and be given all sorts of benefits.
Eg. I’m running an online horse-lovers community; by signing up as my member, you will pay 5$ to get your personal HORSES ROCK! card, which you then use to buy products from my site under discounted prices - lessons of horse ridding, carrots to treat your horse, bespoke saddles etc. :slight_smile:

What I would like to ask you nice folks is how do I place such a script/software on my site - that will issue personalized e-membership cards, with unique numbers, and track the activity of it’s owner on my site? Also, I would like for the membership to end in one year; and would like to be able to search members by card numbers.

I guess I’m looking for a system similar as the one that uses (just for ppl who like horses :D).

Is there any product that you can recommend me, or a free downloadable software to give it a try? Really don’t know where to start looking, so I hope you’ll be able to give me an idea.