General Chat, why not count towards post count?

This may be covered somewhere but any particular reason? Most forums that have either a lounge or general chat allow it to affect their post count. I think it’s psychological but it makes me want to post less altogether, I like seeing my post count go up for whatever reason, does anyone else agree?

Because this is a technical forum and threads in General Chat, generally, aren’t. It also affects spam, since there’s a minimum post requirement to include links in posts, and it’s all too easy to give one word answers in GC ‘game’ threads without looking suspicious. Anywhere else in the forum, those posts are quickly seen as fluff building up to a spam event.

True, makes sense. Spammers ruin it for everyone. I was just wondering because I belong to many forums, too many in fact and I noticed this was one of the few I frequent that doesn’t allow posts counts in GC. Wouldn’t it technically help your SEO if people were more inclined to post in general chat just for kicks?

I still understand the spam aspect, but do you think there are users on here that would post more perhaps if it counted towards post count? I think there is a psychology behind it, like a reward system. I’m not challenging, but simply asking.

When you made your first post, I did a Google search on for “general chat” and “post count”. I didn’t find a single thread where someone complained about GC not counting, just 4 or 5 (on a 10 year old forum) where people asked if it was a bug then were satisfied when told it was not. Doesn’t seem like an issue for anybody. Realize that most members don’t make as many posts as you have this month over the life of their accounts.

Hmm good enough for me. I did a bit of Googling a minute ago and found it wasn’t too common of a complaint. Well, answers my question at least. Thx.

im the complete opposite, im always posting on GC, i dont mind that my posts aren’t counted as Dan said about it being a technical forum but that doesnt mean my posts dont count towards the overall contribution factor towards the SP community. U dont need ur posts to count to feel part of a forum, its just a number and to be honest IMO i’d be more inclined to remember someones SP name than someones SP post count :spf:

Actually I dont give importance to post count… I dont you will get anything by increasing the post count… we need to have good interaction…