Gaming website died after recent updates :(

Hello I have been trying to figure out why one of my sites has basically dropped to the bottom of the google pile. And it stuck me today while looking at webmaster tools.
The keyword list for my site read: “kills, deaths, terrorists, counter terrorists” etc etc. Now these are all normal phrases in the game world of “counter strike 1.6” but is it possible that google is looking at my site and slapping it because of the violent words? even though its a game? The site used to do quite ok for just residual organic searches, but last couple of months its dropped to 0. :nono:

Google has no prejudice against violence. It does return results when people search for those words… Counter-Strike screenshots are the second result for “counter terrorists”, in fact.

I don’t think that’s the problem.

Have you ever tried to analyze your competitors? If yes, then try to check with their rankings. If there is any change in their rankings, you will come to know about that. Sometimes we need to face Google dance where our rankings drop drastically and again after a couple of days, our rankings are sets back to previous positions. I would suggest you to configure your website with Google analytics and check with errors that Google indicates. It will help you to analyze your website more properly.

What type of SEO did you do before this happens? Have you bought links? Your site may be penalized if it went to the bottom.

Check the number of pages indexed by Google.
Check the number of backlinks.
Check the Google cache and index time.
Check your website PR.

Any obvious changes in the above shows that your site might penalized by Google. Else its just effect of Google dance, it will recover back to normal automatically.

i think abbey is right check out your competitor website ,i think they are using their seo techniques efficiently.

Google recently updated its algorithm to weed out sites with less than stellar content. Many of the sites affected contained low-quality content that either wasn’t very good or was simply copied from another website.
Affected sites have seen a big drop off – as much as 50% in some cases – of traffic coming from organic (free) search results. This can have devastating impacts for websites dependent on organic traffic to drive leads and revenues.
Likely you would have noticed your site’s drop off in rankings and traffic by now. If so, you can jump ahead and use Google Webmaster to find out which specific pages have been affected.