Game FPS for smooth animation

I’m designing a 3D game. I have a question about object animation. My question is in case i ensure the 6o FPS game run (on some today’s average machine) the distance object is being moved (for e.g. in screen pixels) doesn’t matter just because the games frames runs 60/sec? Or maybe if the distance will be to big the animation seem be skippy/not fluent despite that 60FPS?

I know that It’s rather newbie/trivial question but PLEASE don’t down-vote, just try to explain. Thx:-)

Well it depends. Not… so much on distance, but on velocity. (so, distance over time).

If the object moves 180 units over 1 second, there must be some points that dont get rendered; you draw 60 frames per second, so when you draw frame 2 (assume frame 1 was at the start), the object must have moved 3 units (because we’re now 1/60th of a second in). That means you never drew a frame when the object was at 1 unit, or 2 units…

Now is that detectable to the human eye as “not-smooth”? shrug Thats a subjective term without a clear definition.

TLDR: Fast thing go blur.

60 or above fps best for smooth animation, but still you will got smooth animation in 45 to 50 fps