Gallery that pulls up html pages instead of just images

Hi, does anyone know how to make a gallery like this, where the thumbnails at the bottom display html pages instead of just images?

you could check out something like colorbox or f[URL=“”]ancyBox

They are jQuery and Javascript that are a content gallery for images, websites, and even swf animations

Hope it helps!

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Have a look at something like this which can draw in content using ajax techniques to achieve the effect I think you are after.

Look at the source: <li><a onclick=‘s_objectID=“”;return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true’ class=“herocontentlink gallink gallery2” href=“/macbookpro/includes/overview_hero2.html#image2”></a></li>

It’s not just displaying images, but .html pages - see the thumb on the far right it’s an embedded video, that displays the same when you click it.

What part of the Apple page are you talking about? The image gallery is just swapping images, which is a standard javascript operation.

It looks like the apple one is pulling in .html files into an element as oppose to having all of the elements on one page… and that’s what I want - I want to have the thumbnails linked to external .html pages that pulls them into the same element above the thumbnails.

Hi Paul, fancy seeing you here! :] Can you tell which method is being used on the webpage I linked in my first post? Some of these look sort of technical, I thought maybe there was a simpler way to do it.


It depends what you mean by html pages exactly?

If you want to show some small sections of html content (images and text etc) then most jquery hide and show effect sliders will work as most work with content whether it be images or html.

Or the basic tab version here.

If you mean that you want to display an existing html page in full inside an element on your page then your only real choice is to use an iframe (or the object element) and to switch the source of the iframe through javascript. However, that would not usually be a good idea and would have limited use.

If you simply want to navigate to new pages then just create new pages and don’t try to have your whole site contained in one page.