Gallery Misbehaving

I am working on adding some photos for a friends site to show some construction work they have done.

One of the images is randomly appearing in a row on its own on the right. I have no idea why.

Can anyone explain why this is happening please?

The link is:

Many thanks

The float is getting you. You really don’t need it (at least when I disabled it in inspect element, all items lined up)

Where do you mean sorry?

I inspected the css but dont see any float declarations

Genuinely didnt see that! did you right click on the image and inspect? or somewhere else?

That solved the problem, thank you so much!

Yes, but when I didn’t see the float on the image, I went to the parent container on up until I found the float (I was also looking for dimensional constraints, but I suspected a float problem based on the behavior.

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