G Webmasters Incoming Links from (What the Heck Microsoft)

According to Google Webmasters I have up to 100K links coming from this IP

That gives me nothing, but Whois says it’s Microsoft.com address. What the heck?

Can somebody explain what that is and why google is reporting incoming links to my site from it?


according your question i dont think Microsoft site give you back link and it is 100k…so its some one who generated you link which is spam.
so just remove it using disavow/.

I’m wondering if that number coincides with how many pages are indexed by Bing.

Seems like somehow a bunch of URLs got into the GWTs

hi i checked even i wondered why Microsoft Corporation,US giving you so much backlinks. Its better if you try to send them mail regarding this and ask them to remove backlinks and then you can use disallow tool to remove unwanted backlinks.

Firstly, there is no need to disavow links unless you have received a notice from Google regarding low-quality links.

And I seriously doubt if contacting MS will have any effect, although there’s nothing to stop you trying.

According to this utility, the IP address is not associated with Bing bot.

Do you by any chance belong to a MS forum of any kind? I belong to another forum where, as far as I was concerned, I had posted a link twice; once in my profile, and once in a single thread. 1+1=2, right? But according to GWT, I had over 800 links from that forum. As far as I could work out, it counted every post I made as having a link, and (I think) every time somebody quoted one of my posts, because I hadn’t made anything like 800. It eventually settled down to something nearer the number of posts I’d made, and, TBH, I haven’t bothered looking for a long time, so I don’t know how it compares now, but could your links be something like that?

And out of interest, is Bing WT also reporting those links?