Future of SEO

Also knows the fiture of seo is very bright. seo Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.I see SEOs and the big G having more or less a mini war going on. They’ve set the stage for that. The latest debate over the policing of linkbait was a “in” for Google. It was a somewhat reasonable instance where they could introduce the concept of further policing that allows for a lot of expansion later down the road.

“Activities like directory, article, pr submissions etc.” These all activities are core of SEO. Ya, You should find a new technicians but never change it because main goal of SEO is to engage user to services providers through the search engine… this activity not only for ranking but also for lead generation activities.

You’re right, but you know what? Google is going to win … because Google makes the rules. :cool: So the best thing to do is to play the game the way Google wants you to play it.

That’s a great point, and one that is often missed. Too often, people see the only point of SEO as getting to the top spot for a particular keyword, without thinking about why. Sure getting to #1 for your chosen keyword is helpful, but what’s more important is getting your site to a good position for all the different relevant words and phrases that people might type in, and how to present your site in a way that encourages the right people to click through and visit it.

I do believe that social media will become more and more important. The rate of new social media sites coming online is staggering! I predict Google will come up with a whole new algorithm to deal with it, however, I don’t think quality directories will go by the wayside anytime soon. We are seeing more and more of them as well.

I think the type of SEO depends on the type of site and what the strengths of the site/marketer are.

Social media marketing works better for some sites than others, for example - a celebrity or well known author should definitely use it, but a local tradesperson might get much less return from it.

I think the marketing mix should be designed specifically for each site/client, rather than try and use the same general template for everything

Its only because of many users are really available at social networking sites and they are good customers. But still people habitual to search anything by open Google

Seo is the manipulation of SERP, no wonder that Google is getting out new updates to get spammer out the way. The future looks white, i mean white hat SEO. Get your website known, chat in facebook, twitter and co., get real traffic to your site. Advertising will remain a powerful tool. These are my personal opinions