Funny character generated when building onClick

Dear All,
I have function where I read from a mysql table a set of value. Part of my codes is like this

echo "<tr id='gridRow'>
 <td >$count</td>
 <td> <input type='checkbox' onClick=selectAndUpdate('$row1[size]')></td>
 <td> {$row1[SerialNo]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[InHouseBranding]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[BrandCode]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[size]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[Pattern]}</td>  
 <td> {$row1[EntryStatus]}</td>   

A sample row generated is as below can you notice this line <input type=“checkbox” 22.567’)=“” onclick=“selectAndUpdate('21060R”> why the same value appear properly in the <td> 21060R 22.567</td> but in the previous line is showing me like this 22.567’)=“” onclick=“selectAndUpdate('21060R”> any idea?

<tr id="gridRow">
<input type="checkbox" 22.567')="" onclick="selectAndUpdate('21060R">
<td> EA12</td>
<td> BOR1</td>
<td> GY</td>
<td> 21060R 22.567</td>
<td> HMG 2020</td>
<td> New</td>

you may try like this

<input type=‘checkbox’ onClick=“selectAndUpdate(‘<?php echo $row1[size]?>’)”>

i think cause of double quotes problem

Dear Sona,
The problem this values are generated via an ajax call the page is just a php page. So I have modified like this now. It is still showing the same thing.

echo “<tr id=‘gridRow’>”;
echo “<td >$count</td>”;
echo “<td> <input type=‘checkbox’ onClick=selectAndUpdate('”;
echo $row1[size];
echo “')></td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[SerialNo]}</td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[InHouseBranding]}</td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[BrandCode]}</td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[size]}</td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[Pattern]}</td>”;
echo “<td> {$row1[EntryStatus]}</td>”;
echo “</tr>”;

use the below code it will work. why you split the input tag , i think this would help to you

echo "<tr id='gridRow'>";
 echo "<td >$count</td>";
 echo "<td> <input type='checkbox' onClick=selectAndUpdate('".$row1[size]."')";
 echo "</td>";
 echo "<td>". $row1[SerialNo]."</td>"; 
 echo "<td>".$row1[InHouseBranding]."</td>"; 
 echo "<td> ".$row1[BrandCode]."</td>"; 
 echo "<td> ".$row1[size]."</td>"; 
 echo "<td> ".$row1[Pattern]."</td>";  
 echo "<td> ".$row1[EntryStatus]."</td>";   
 echo "</tr>";

Dear Sona,
For the benefit of everyone this helped solve it echo “<input type=\“checkbox\” onClick=\“selectAndUpdate('” . $row1[size] . “')\”>”;

hi newtomysql

fine.did you use my above code is it work?