Fully develop site for sale. How to Sell and Price?

I’ve develop a fully package(air travel) base solution, where visitor choose source, destination, travel dates and other details and submit Query. Site also includes different tour packages to choose. Everything is dynamic. Had seperate administrator login to manage source, destination, pricelist, packages, Order details and many more. This site will be useful for the one who want to tour/travel business or for existing such business. It required one person to operate. Its very attractive and eye-catching. Domain name is also powerful. What will be the selling cost? Which is better place to sell? I’ve plan to sell somewhere around $14999 - $19999. Pls need your suggestion.

How did you come up with that price as a target?

That would be my question as well. If someone’s going to drop $20k on a turnkey site they are going to want to see some actual numbers, which I assume you have? Is $20k 1yr revenue? 1yr profit? 5yrs profit? 10yrs revenue?

i think it’s too much. but you should try. how are you going to promote your product?

It certainly helps if you have traffic figures or a good search rank with specific keywords. An eyecatching site is certainly a plus, but the key to potential revenue is, well, visitors to the site. Those figures are essential.