Fully Accessible CMS inc Admin Area

Hi there. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me as my google searches aren’t turning up anything obvious.

Can anyone recommend an open source CMS that is fully accessible including the backend area. The site is for a charity which has requested this as some editors may be visually impaired.

I’ve found one in Papoo but I’m wondering if Drupal or anything else might be better as more support.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes it has to be fully accessible to screenreaders so that people with visual impaiment can edit pages too.

By fully accessible, I’m not sure what you mean… Is that for accessibility in the sense of screen readers etc…?

http://www.webcredible.co.uk/services/accessible-cms.shtml is well worth looking at

Ok, gotcha…

Well with CMS’s like Drupal you choose your are free to customize the administration back-end as well as the front end and in the process, it’s up to you to decide which editing tools and widgets make the job better for your purposes.

I’ve thought about it but I’ve never been tasked with putting together the back-end for visually impaired administrators. I guess it will get fairly specific depending on the level of vision your admins have. It seems to me that the general navigation and forms should be as customizable as any HTML documents would be but things like a rich-text editor will be where you run into trouble.

I personally like the tinyMCE editor and did a search on accessibility on their website. I also noticed [URL=“http://ckeditor.com/search/yboss/visually”]a lot of discussion about accessibility on the CK Editor website.

Drupal has an accessibility Group that you could have a look at and/or join to help develop and improve accessibility within the system.

Here’s another older discussion about Drupal Accessibility with some updates towards the bottom.

I also found this list of videos on Drupal Accessibility with a google search.

There is a “treasure trove” of information about Drupal and Accessibility if you Google “drupal accessibility”.