I’m using FullCalendar 2.0 to display availability of a user. The user can select when they’re available and the information will then be stored into the database.

I’ve edited fullcalendar.js to display a checkbox on every day of the month, and once the save button is clicked all checked days will be stored.

			'<td class="' + classes.join(' ') + '" data-date="' + date.format() + '">' + '<input type="checkbox" name="cal[]" id="checkbox-2-' + date.format() + '" class="regular-checkbox big-checkbox" checked value="' + date.format() +'" /><label for="checkbox-2-' + date.format() + '">' + date.date() + '</label>'

I now want to add two textboxes and the user will enter a time range (start and end date). I then want the checkboxes to automatically check if they’re in that time range. I’ve tried for hours to get this working but I’ve had no luck. Is anyone familiar with FullCalendar and able to help please?

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