FullCalendar Hide content of previous / next months


I have tried every trick in the box I know of and spent numerous hours without any success on this one.

I am using arshaw - fullcalendar wordpress for one of my blogs. Everything works fine as expected but one issue I am facing is that it even displays posts from previous and next months.

For example current month calendar it will also show posts from November 26-30.

I checked and found that the plugin adds fc-other-month to the class of previous and next month dates so I tried the simplest trick in book add a css class

.fc-other-month .fc-day-content{display:none;}

But what this is doing is that all the content of entire calendar is hidden and only the last post shows up.

Then I tried using eventRender {if not current month then return false} This totally breaks the calendar and only the first row shows up and the loading screen keeps on running and no further rows are loaded.

I also tried adding a Jquery to hide the content of previous month and next month but again the jquery somehow hides all content like in the case of CSS as discussed earlier.

Any help on how I could show content only from current month and hide the previous months content?

Second issue with the plugin / jquery is that if I go to the previous month then it will add 2 weeks of the current month. So say if I go to november then it will show data up to 6th december and due to this I dont want any data shows for previous and next months.

For reference the demo to the fullcalendar wordpress plugin can be found at

demo dot wp-events-plugin dot com/calendar/

Thanks in advance for all the help and support. Highly appreciated.