Full Width Submenu With Horizontal Layout

Currently the submenu items under Industries are vertically aligned. I would like the submenus to take the full width of the screen and the submenu items be horizontally aligned. I can set the submenu to be position: relative, but then that pushes the parent menu item, which isn’t what I want. The parent item needs to stay in its original position.


If you remove position: relative from the top level lis (in two places)—

.nav > li {
[COLOR="#FF0000"]/* position: relative; */[/COLOR]
display: block;

.dropdown {
[COLOR="#FF0000"]/* position: relative; */[/COLOR]

and then remove this

.navbar-right .dropdown-menu {
[COLOR="#FF0000"] left: auto;[/COLOR]

The sub nav will span the whole width. Then set the sub lis to display: inline-block:

.navbar li li {display: inline-block;}