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Hi, in the first section of my site, there is some content jump with a single scroll or when i slightly rock the cursor wheel back and forth ( a full wheel turn does scroll the page.) I know this is happening because there is too much content in the section. I have had this happen before in other browsers and other screen resolutions and I have fixed it by reducing vertical margins. This problem is occurring in Microsoft Edge (all other browsers are fine) and i cant find any more vertical margins as they are all zero to reduce, that will contain the content enough to keep it from jumping on slight scroll. Below is a video of whats happening. in the video, I am slightly rocking the mouse wheel up and down. Again, this only happens in Edge. Any ideas where I can reduce some vertical margin?

Link to site?

Oops sorry! Link

It’s the javascript in your vertical carousel. Turn JS off and the page will scroll as normal.

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Won’t that break my fullpage scroll functionality?

If I understand correctly I cannot reproduce that jump in IE edge as the page scrolls as soon as I touch the mouse wheel.

In Firefox I can get the page to scroll a little without going to the next panel but I have to be very very precise to do it.

It may be that your mouse is more sensitive to mine or you have set it to scroll less on the mouse wheel.

I’m guessing the JS is detecting a page scroll amount and then jumping to the next panel so I guess you could look for that part of the code and adjust how much scroll is needed before it jumps.

I don’t actually see an issue though so maybe someone else can look?

Are you aware that the newest Microsoft mice do not click as the scroll wheel is rotated?

I don’t know how your code works, but it seems to hinge on the mouse click. New MS mice don’t click because Microsoft has changed the way mice and page scroll are affected. I don’t know why the change, but your method of advancing the page using the scroll wheel may be “flawed” thanks to progress.

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I’m using this mouse: https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/mice/arc-touch-mouse/rvf-00052

Perhaps it’s really sensitive. I guess if others are having to be very precise to replicate the issue it may not be that big of a deal and I’m just being picky :joy:


Not that you have control over visitors settings, but I’ve noticed some browsers (eg. Firefox) have a setting for “smooth scrolling”.

I did not find one for Edge, so it looks like it uses the Windows 10 OS settings.

Maybe ill just live with it. Im not sure how else to approach.

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