Full Screen Lock Overlay Layer

I am currently trying to make a lock on a game which is played in full screen mode. I’m trying to create a layer which will pop up after 5 minutes telling the user that time is up, and he can register to keep playing.

The problem is that since the game is flash in full screen mode, when the lock layer appears, it is always behind the game, and doesn’t work obviously. Is there a way to make a layer, ajax popup or something which i can use that will appear on top of the fullscreen game to prevent the user from keeping on playing?


I don’t believe you’ll be able to put any HTML content above flash in full screen, at that point you’re telling flash to take up the whole screen and for the HTML to be non-existent. You’d need to implement the lock layer inside flash.

Absolutely. Even if you were to manage to place a blocking layer above the flash game, it would be relatively easy to bypass (browser tools > select element > set display none).

Locking the game from within is a much better solution.