Full Account Activation Process?


I am trying to finish an account activation process.

This is what I currently have…

  1. Someone registered with their name and email address
  2. The member receives an email with an activation code
  3. The activation code is entered into the database.
  4. The member receives an email with an activation code.
  5. The member clicks the link and the activation code from the email should be compared with the activation code in the database

The problem is that when someone clicks the link the user is not logged in so there is no process of reading and comparing the database.

Can anyone advise the standard process of matching and confirming the activation codes? How can I compare the two activation codes if the member is not logged in?

Why would a user need to be logged in before you could check the string in the database?

Just provide a page that doesn’t require a user to login, but that takes the string appended to the email and checks it in the database - if it finds a match, you could then confirm the account as activated in the database and if you like, log the user in and bounce them to their homescreen.