FTP upload new files only?

Does anyone know of a way or program that I can upload new files only? I am working on a site that requires me to update once monthly. New image files are added, approximately 700 MB, 30,000± files. Of these 30,000 files only a few are new each month.

Therefore when I do my monthly update, I only want to upload the new files to save time and bandwidth.

I am currently using a windows vista computer using Dreamweaver cs3 to upload to a freeBSD server.

I ended up going with filezilla for the reasons you stated, Tin. Dreamweaver has a synchronize function but for some reason it was skipping some existing files and overwriting others. In addition it was freezing up dreamweaver, and I admit I need a ram upgrade on my laptop… But Filezilla did it with no problem and has the skip feature you spoke of.

Thanks for the help!

You can, of course, just shift-click on the new images (highlighting just them) and then just put them.

I guess it’s just a matter of knowing which they are. Are they easy to identify or are they all mixed together?

You could perhaps upload them all to a temporary folder, then go to the temporary folder on the server and drag them across to the proper folder. (I’m just being inventive here…)

I probably don’t really understand your situation. Can you not just upload new files when you get them? How are you going about this? What happens during the month before the upload?

There is the Synchronize button in Dw, though I guess it would take a while for Dw to compare all of the files.

I update the site database and pictures once monthly. The data and pics sit on my vendors server for a month, then once a month I download to my computer and upload to my server. I guess I don’t understand this part of the question.

I have no problem uploading the files. I just have no -need- to upload all 30,000 files when only maybe 100 or so are new. I click on the folder with the files I wish to upload, right click the folder, click put and it begins to upload all 30,000 files.

From my research synch seems like it’s the answer to my question when using dreamweaver. Although a few people have suggested filezilla which may be a more simple answer if I don’t mind having another piece of software sitting on my comp.

What you can do is just upload them with any FTP software and if the file exists on the server already, you are prompted to either overwrite the file or skip it. Just click the skip button and you avoid re-uploading the file.

Also, most FTP software will have an option to apply that skip function to your entire upload batch. This allows you to avoid having to press skip every time a duplicate file appears.

The program I use is CoreFTP.

That would work, but not realistic. It’s take forever to find any new files. I wish the vendor would just supply me a zip patc file containing only the new photos, but sadly I have to download ALL the photos monthly.

I think I am narrowing it down. Dreamweaver has a synch function I am researching now that sounds like it will perform what I need it to do.