FTP Client With File Preview?

Would anyone suggest a good FTP client that has a built-in file previewer and uploads at a decent speed? My hosting account is full of unused garbage that gobble up webspace and deserves to be deleted. It is hard to do so without the a file or image preview so I thought if there is an FTP program that automatically previews server-side files…

i doubt its possible, cuteftp does allow editing files, so might help you, but even it needs to downlaod the file first

Thats sad then… I think this would be a great feature for FTP programs…

Do you know how much would have to go into that? Seriously … what’s the point? They could do it but you’d pay $100 per license!

Thats totally fine with me. I think it’s a great way of cleaning up your webspace. Theres just too much files that are not needed and could be deleted.


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