Frustrating iframe

I’m working on a page that will contain videos and a transcript of each video in an iframe. The iframe doesn’t quite take up the full height available. I have a test page at ww w.get 2th epoi nt.o rg/vid eos/test.html

I know what can be done with iframes is somewhat limited but is there any way to make it just a tad higher?

Or am I missing a better way to handle the transcripts?

It can be done with absolute positioning to make it fill, but I think it would make more sense to put the text in a scrolling box rather than an iframe.

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Thanks @SamA74 but how to limit the height of the box?

I managed to make the iframe fill the height in inspect, just trying to replicate in a pen.

I was trying a div

It does not seem to be quite right in the pen, getting a small scoller.

With a div this time, but still now quite right. It’s a start.

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Cool. Many thanks. I’ll have a play with this later.

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