FrontEnd Developers Help Needed

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I am planning to dwell in the FrontEND Development path. I have some HTML skills and I’ve got two learning options to choose from.

Openclassrooms seems longer Openclassrooms seems more expensive Openclassrooms promises to offer a refund if you can’t find a job 6 months after graduation.

Personally I prefer openclassrooms because the diploma is more recognized in Europe.

But can you guys please check both websites on my behalf and try to point me towards the right direction on which option seems to be the best in terms of the mode of teaching, which one has better and more programming options, which one has better and thorough projects and several other factors.

A quick note: We are not going for the one that is more recognized or more popular. We are going for the one that is more effective and one that would provide a big backbone for a newbie in front-end development.

I will really appreciate to get some help with this from you guys. I really hope this is not too much to ask for.

Thanks in advance.

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