Front-End Tooling Survey

I’m running a (very brief) survey to find out about what tools front-end devs are currently using in their projects.

If you work on the front-end dev of projects, please could you take 2 minutes to fill it in – and pass it on/share it with other FE devs you know – I’d be massively grateful!

The results are purely from an education standpoint – I’m not looking to make any money out of the results and plan to write-up the findings. Link to the survey is below:

Front-end Tooling Survey

…and the associated blog post for a bit more context.


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Done :slight_smile: .

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Done :slight_smile:

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Done :smiley:

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Thanks! :smile:

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For anybody interested, @AshNolan_ has posted the results. See Front-End Tooling Survey – Results